Warhammer 40k Skull of Thrones Tournament Standings

We heard that the Warhammer 40k tournament players wanted to see their final scores from SPORE 2012, so here they are, for all to see!

Player Gaming (30%) Painting (30%) Quiz (20%) Sports (20%) Overall
Patrick Poh – Necrons 27 2.6 6 14 49.6

SPORE Achievements and Survey

SPORE is tomorrow, and we’re busy prepping everything to make sure this is the greatest SPORE yet! And part of that prepping is revealing to you our Achievement Card! Yes, that’s right, at SPORE 2012, you will have Achievements to unlock! Every attendee will get an Achievement Card, which coincidentally will unlock your very first Achievement!

Site Updates Galore!

Have you been tooling around the site recently? It’s been super updated!

Rules packs for almost all of the tournaments are now available to download! Complete with timings, fees, and prizes!

New workshops and talks have been added! Learn how to draw, design games, and the state of Singaporean writing!