Single mum with lifetime of stained teeth transforms to looking 12 years younger

Tracey became a shell in her marriage and started to feel like she had disappeared.

The supermarket worker, from Exeter, was married for 20 years but spent the last five in a very unhappy place.

Three years ago while six stone heavier she was binge eating, drinking whole bottles of wine to herself and smoking up an average of 20 cigarettes a day.

“I was drinking a lot of wine, smoking, bing eating. I didn’t really care about myself. So i made the decision to leave my husband,” she explains on 10 Years Younger in 10 Days.

After making the major life change, Tracey, 54, started going for long walks with her dog and lost weight, but it left her at a crossroads.

“It was the best decision for me but now all my children have left home,” she adds.

Daughter Sophie says her mum’s confidence has dropped and they would do anything they could to change that.

While Tracey’s sister Serena explains she was wild as a teenager but has undergone a dramatic change and lost her “spark”.

Admitting she doesn’t like looking at herself in the mirror, Tracey tearfully confesses: “I don’t think anyone understand how awful I feel.

“I’ve been the mum , I’ve been the wife. I need to figure out who I am.”

After splitting from her husband, Tracey has not got back into the dating game and has not thought about a new romance.

But now she is ready to start the new chapter in her life and wants someone to bring back the butterflies.

Tracey enlists the help of the 10 Years Younger team, but before they get started she faces the judgement on strangers.

Members of the public are asked how old they think Tracey is – and the results are hard to hear but needed as a benchmark.

She is told by people on the street to ‘take more pride in her appearance’ and that it looks like she has ‘given up’.

Presenter Cherry Healey reveals the average age guessed is 60, which is six years older than Tracey actually is,

“When Cherry told me my poll age it felt like a punch in the stomach to be told I look 60. So I’m heading for a new look and new life.”

The team have just 10 days to transform the looks and confidence of Tracey, whose lifestyle has contributed to feature she’s most conscious about – her teeth.

“The discolouration of my teeth is I think because I used to smoke a lot and drinking lots of tea.”

She pays a visit to cosmetic dentist Dr Uchenna Okoye, cometic dentist, who is responsible for the dazzling smiles of many famous faces.

Dr Okoye identifies the underlying cause cause of Tracey’s teeth problems, which is not quite what she was expecting.

She says the main reason for discolouration is tetracycline – a type of antibiotic used to be used to treat children – which stains the teeth by creating stripes of different colours.

The plan is to replace the top set of teeth with veneers and use laser whitening on bottom to achieve a uniform colour – with the procedure typically costing around £400.

When Tracey looks at her new gnashers in the mirror, she says: “Oh my god. Is that me? They are absolutely perfect I am gleaming with confidence at the minute. I can’t stop smiling.”

Next up is her wardrobe, as Tracey admits she’s usually in her pyjamas by 3pm or wearing a big cardigan.

Fashion stylist Gemma Sheppard makes nervous Tracey start to feel more feminine by wearing a long dress.

She says: “I’m feeling good, my mindset now is completely different. I want to push myself out of my comfort zone and experiment with clothes.”

After 10 days of surgery free treatments to fix a lifetime of stained teeth, wardrobe of bulky clothes and put bounce back in her hair it’s time for the big reveal.

Emotional Tracey can’t believe her eyes when she sees her new look – and the average age guessed by the public has gone down 12 years to 48.

Admitting she’s ready to start dating now, Tracey says: “I think it’s about time I started putting my toes in the water and finding those fishes because apparently there’s plenty of them out there I just need to find a good one.”

Her stunned family are left open-mouthed – with daughter Hollie admitting she has never seen her mum so confident.

Sister Serena says: “I don’t recognise her. She looked absolutely stunning. Very confident in herself. That spark that went and died, that’s come back.”

A delighted Tracey adds: “Confidence is blasting. Imagine the fireworks, it’s coming out.”